A landmark partnership to tackle the most pressing, direct threats to animal species worldwide

Illegal and unsustainable trade and hunting, and poisoning – three activities that have killed many millions of birds, mammals and reptiles, and driven some species to only a few heartbeats from extinction.

The impact and the scale are both shocking. But there is hope. Leading conservation organisations BirdLife International, Fauna & Flora International, TRAFFIC and the Wildlife Conservation Society know what it takes to save species, and the benefits doing so will have for all nature, including people.

Together, we are scaling up efforts and multiplying our impact so we can restore the future for reptile, mammal and bird species most in need of action. To achieve this, we are connecting funders with species conservation initiatives around the world.



Tortoise trafficking © WCS

Turtles, tortoises, parrots, songbirds, and Helmeted Hornbills in Southeast Asia, and reptiles in the Caribbean are all victims of illegal and unsustainable trapping and trade, which must be controlled.

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Saiga. Antelopes © Victor Tyakht

Saiga © Victor Tyakht

Asian hoofed mammals such as Saiga and ‘mountain monarchs’ from Central Asia, and millions of birds migrating through Eurasia, all need protection from illegal and unsustainable hunting.

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Dead Vultures for Poisoning

Poisoned vultures © Andre Botha

11 vulture species in Africa and Eurasia are on the edge of extinction. These vital birds are suffering catastrophic declines mostly because of poisoning and need a rapid response.

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